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Now day’s citizens’ awareness among their rights has increased so as their expectations from government also increase.
Now day’s citizens’ awareness among their rights has increased so as their expectations from government also increase. Dealings with the government are expected to be transparent and faster. So ICT, in form of Citizens’ Service Portals, is introduced to achieve good governance. E-Governance basically provides better services to citizens by effective use of information and technology by improving the system of government.
Providing a single secure portal that acts as a window to the various services is beneficial not only to the government but also to its citizens.
Portals act as a one stop resource for information. Having a secure e-Government Portal will reduce the costs for the government in delivering timely information to its citizens. The citizens will also benefit from timely and readily available information as well as a medium to avail services. Having a web portal will reduce the need for dedicated governmental representatives to be available by other modes of communication like Phone or email to provide information to citizens. It will be much simpler and cost effective for Governmental Representatives as well as the Representatives in governmental legislation bodies to get in touch with the citizens to pass information on important legislations, Citizen action items etc.

Government uses Citizens’ Service Portal to deliver the services at any location convenient to all citizens. Greater accessibility and full service availability i.e. 24 hours a day and seven days a week without visiting government offices is provided through e-governance. An e-governance system basically provides citizens to access government services and information by electronic means.

The introduction of e-governance leads to many benefits, e.g

  • Better time management due to provision of services through single window;
  • Simplification of procedures;
  • Better office and record management;
  • Reduction in corruption;
  • and improved attitude, behavior and work handling capacity of the employee. It increases the effectiveness and efficiency to do the right work at the right time.

The main aim of e-governance is to support and simplify governance for all parties’ government, citizens and businesses. The use of a Citizen Service Portal can connect all three parties and support processes and activities.

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