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Investors are a primary source of capital for state and local governments.
At a time when new performance, budget, and strategic challenges to the public sector affect its current and future decisions government agencies need a balanced approach to performance planning, measurement, and management that helps achieve results their citizenry —whether customers, stakeholders, employees, or other—actually care about.

The bottom line for most government organizations is their mission: what they want to achieve. Many feel that because of this, government management should be different and that the rules of performance management and measurement that applied to the private sector can not apply to the public because a government’s bottom line isn’t profit margin. Performance management software in many instances creates the means for monitoring the effectiveness of individual employees and their outputs, although in the social service sector, it also measures the effectiveness of programs and services.  Often, performance management programs also fall under the category of sustainability software, essentially killing two birds with one stone if sustainability is important in your government’s priorities.

Essentially, performance management involves tracking both efforts and outcomes and correlating the two, in an attempt to measure the effectiveness of your services and then adjust your subsequent efforts in order to continuously approve efficiency.
What should performance planning and management systems involve?
  • Creation of measures
  • Need for accountability
  • Use of data
  • Linkage of all the aspects to day-to-day operations

What would an efficient system mean for Government agencies?

1. Organization – In a world that is so heavily reliant on technology, there is really no excuse for poorly organized data. The right software, properly configured, can help your organization take charge of its data collection and storage processes and make sure these are orderly and streamlined.
2. Funding – Whether you’re on the granting or receiving ends of funding, performance management software is a critical component in ensuring that your funds are used to further the appropriate aims. Having the right software will help your public sector agency or organization in putting its money in the right places.
3. Continuous Improvement – This is one of the most critical factors of the right software, and it is also one of the most overlooked. Performance management software is not a set-it-and-forget-it kind of technology. The advanced reporting functions are designed to enable your agency or organization to continually revisit its efforts and outcomes and re-engineer its service delivery in order to better those outcomes.

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