Investor Relations

Investor Relations Management software

Investors are a primary source of capital for state and local governments.
Investors are a primary source of capital for state and local governments. When a governmental entity sells debt, it enters into a long-term contract to make timely debt service payments to investors. Other stakeholders, such as bond insurers, liquidity providers, rating analysts, trustees, credit enhancers, counterparties, and constituents are interested in obtaining financial and operation information on issuers. An effective investor relations program that responds to the informational needs of these diverse groups may lower borrowing costs for issuers.
Investor segmentation: comprehensive profiling of investor type
Email distribution and tracking: send personalized, professional emails with personalized watermarks
Email analytics: show who has opened the emails and clicked on the links within it.
Email campaign management: using dynamic marketing lists, content snippets etc
Secure information distribution: teams can manage a set of permissions and roles
Investor contact record: of their web activity is reflected within the system
Automation of key business processes: IR teams can increase their efficiency
Creating a workflow: to automate the allocation of tasks
Contact and company records: can be used to track all activity with investors

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