Grants Management Software

Grants Management Software

If your funding goals were met faster and more easily, what would you do? Would you use the time saved to focus on your nonprofit’s mission?

Project management software provides small to large organizations juggling a number of tasks, with a solution that helps keep them organized as they work to accomplish multiple goals. Project management systems are implemented for many reasons; the principle one being to facilitate the planning and tracking of project components, stakeholders and assets.

It permits project managers (PMs), stakeholders and clients to control expenses and oversee planning, quality administration and documentation, additionally software can be utilized as an administration system.

The following are the primary functions of project management tools

  •        Project planning
  •        Task management
  •        Document collaboration and sharing
  •        Calendar and contact sharing
  •        Reporting
  1. General Ledger package complete with
  • Cash Receipts
  • General Journal
  • Budgeting
  • Monthly Processing, including built in
  • Cost Allocation and Indirect Costs and a complete
  • Month End Reporting System
  1. Accounts Payable includes
  • invoice entry,
  • accounts payable
  • check writing,
  • manual checks handling and is loaded with
  • Accounts Payable reports.
  1. Payroll includes
  • complete employee files,
  • time sheet entry,
  • payroll processing and
  • check writing.
  1. The system has built in
  • Cost Allocation and
  • Indirect Costing capabilities.

The system is fully capable of supporting additional add-ons to the system including

  • Purchase Orders,
  • Accounts Receivable,
  • Fixed Assets,
  • Direct Deposit and
  • Report Writer,
  1. Managing grant opportunities and pipeline
  2. Tracking tasks / deadlines / awards
  3. Streamlining proposal creation and submission
  4. Providing convenient, centralized access to your grant and funder information.
  5. Easier compliance with the Financial Accounting Standard requirements that all NGOs follow and the Governmental Accounting Standards requirement as state and local governments follow.
  6. Efficiently account, report and monitor budgets for multiple grants and contracts even if they have differing funding periods.
  7. Automated cost allocation – for common costs, general and administrative costs, indirect costs, fringe benefits, leave costs, and various specialized cost pools and also provide you a variety of ways to comply with all major government circulars.
  8. Easier auditing of your organization.

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